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"Yes" for a Carousel

In an advisory vote taken at the Fun Factory, 3030 voted in favor of a Carousel
while only 6 voted against. This is overwhelming, 500 to 1, support in favor of an
exciting, Marine Themed, attraction. The people want a Carousel at the Waterfront!


The judge in Superior Court ruled in CenterCal's favor, saying that Measure C did not come into play in the CenterCal
development because they already had vested interest in the project before Measure C was voted on. It is a complicated issue, but
the judge apparently recognized that Measure C is a sticky issue that holds up any projects moving forward in the Harbor and Pier,
and advised the attorneys that the City would be better off to withdraw from it.

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Make the Waterfront Great Again

In late night talks Redondo Carousel and the Redondo Fun Factory
agreed on terms to build and operate a Marine Themed Carousel on
the Waterfront. This is the first step in making the area Fun for Everyone